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About Us

Smart Mine Ops for All is our MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose)

Our mission is to make the benefits of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) & AR (Augmented Reality) accessible to all mines, all mine employees and cover all operations.


1Worx was founded in 2016 and started reselling a leading IIoT development platform. Most traction was gained in the mining industry and we realised its requirements were for off-the-shelf solutions. The decision was made in July 2021 to develop our own solutions purpose-built for mining operations.

Today 1Worx is bringing to market MineWorx and MineVu solutions. MineWorx uses IIoT technology to improve the visibility, efficiency and effectiveness of all mining operations.

Our Executive Team

Charles Anderson
Chief Executive Officer

Extensive professional experience in robotics and mechanical engineering; latterly applying this knowledge in running an Engineering IT solutions business.

Martin Hobbs
General Manager

Professional engineer operating primarily in the mining industry with experience in open pit to deep level mining, crossing most South African commodities, incorporating shaft sinking, access development and production; rockface to the boardroom.

Ross Anderson
Operations Manager

Mechanical engineer, educated in the 4th Industrial Revolution; specialising in augmented and mixed reality, and integration with IoT.

Problems We Solve


Lack of Visibility

Often reports are slow or late,
so decisions can only be made after it has happened.

Excessive downtime

Downtime is a very costly problem, often we find out too late about problems that could otherwise have been prevented or quickly resolved.


Implementation is slow & costly

Custom-made applications are expensive, take time to create and are slow to implement.

Current solutions may be inappropriate

Many solutions have a narrow focus and do not give management a holistic view of operations.

Our Solutions

1Worx solutions are built on the following principals


Software-as-a-Service means you don’t have to worry about upgrades and support

Mining Knowhow

With our mining knowhow, we have built apps that give you insight into critical operational metrics

Quality Assurance
& Quality Control

Our apps go through stringent QA and QC measures to ensure they are robust

Operations Focused

Our solutions focus on operations that impact top and bottom line


Our apps have easy to add on functions to cater for a growing scope

IIoT Platform

Built on a world-leading IIoT platform for speed, security and reliability

Cloud Hosted

Based on a secure cloud platform, no servers to maintain

Web Apps

All you need is your favourite browser, no installation required


The 4th Industrial Revolution is here, ready to work for you in your mine

the Outcomes



The applications give real-time visibility to operational information. This supersedes traditional slow, unreliable, manual systems.

Reduced cost of downtime

Timely information allows early response and correction, reducing downtime and consequential loss. Accurate reports allow analysis and learning for continuous improvement.


Modules for all operations

Our modules cover operations from work-face through stockpile, plant to dispatch. This includes production, assets, utilities and safety.

Rapid Implementation

Because our solutions are plug-and-play we implement rapidly, so you get value quickly. Integration with existing systems adds to their existing value.


Plug & Play

Our apps work with existing systems and equipment, so simply plug in and see your dashboard come alive.


Our apps are easy to scale up and down to fit any size mine.


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No IT Overhead

Fully Supported

No maintenance fees, get support when you need it


Get the critical information you really need to make decisions

What Our Solutions Can Do


Visualisation of key production, asset, utility and safety metrics and status by area or the entire mine


Access to reports of production, equipment failures and stoppages


Immediate notifications and early warning of critical events to the responsible person’s mobile devices


Automatic escalation of issues not resolved timeously to higher levels of authority

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